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For all your requirements in masonry work, trust our team at HAMPTON DWELL. We operate in East Hampton, NY and the nearby regions.

When it comes to masonry work, we are a trusted company who has an exceptional track record of producing high-end results. If you want pros to work on your project, we are your go-to guy.

Home Construction

If you are already visualizing your dream house and you can't wait to turn it into reality, visit us soon. We are always at your disposal to listen to your ideas and to create the perfect design for you. We involve you in every step of the project so that the final structure looks exactly like you imagined. At HAMPTON DWELL, we work to make dreams come true. Feel free to browse through our pages for more details.

«Your dream house is within your reach, go for it!»

Residential Restoration

HAMPTON DWELL is widely known for its accomplishments in home restoration works. If your house is no longer in prime condition and you wish to do something about it, we can help you out. We will make sure that the structure is given back its shine and appeal, and that it lasts for more generations. Whether you want a traditional look or you want to add a more modern touch to the space, trust us to do the best job for you.

«We care for your home!»

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